Residential, Residential buildings, hotels, commercial, Landscape, Town planning, Interior design.

The first ideas of the project are developed starting from a design process where possible options are studied together with the client. Basic and execution projects, specific projects, structures and installations compose a process that is studied meticulously in each stage, to finish in the Construction Management.

Technical Architecture

Construction Management, Activity Licenses, Pool Projects, Safety and Health Coordination. Occupancy licenses. Georeferencing for Notaries.

We offer a wide range of services in the area of technical architecture, from technical advice to the Construction Management, making a full follow-up in the development of the works. We have extensive professional experience.

Project management

Project Management, Feasibility Studies, Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communication, Risk.

We offer a system of integral management of projects and works being a nexus for our clients with administrations, city councils, constructors and other entities that will be part of the process, having a greater control of the work that avoids unforeseen events.

3D Modeling

Renders, Photorealistic Perspectives, Photomontages.

We believe in computer tools as part of the design process, which facilitate the visualization of projects for better understanding. It allows us to present and publicize the projects through photorealistic images that reflect the ideas of the project.

Interior design

Housing, commercial, restaurants, offices, hotels. Terraces and gardens.

From the interior design of our projects to the design of outdoor spaces, we can contribute ideas, quality, spaces and materiality, generating an overall image that satisfies the choice of our clients.

Certifications and Reports

ITE (Technical Inspection of buildings), Energy Efficiency Certificate, Pathology Reports, Technical Reports, Existing Construction Certificate. First and second occupation certificates.

In Norte42 we also carry out all kinds of technical reports and certificates signed by architect or technical architect, to contribute in notary procedures, judicial processes, in process with the administration or for private use.